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Yes, we build mobile apps, create SEM strategies and do all things digital. But what we excel at - what we’re known for - is understanding your business objective and translating that to digital marketing success.

why you should choose virallens?

We understand that you want more from your marketing budget and we’re here to provide just that fillip. From listening to your needs to crafting campaign ideas that will succeed, we will always be there.

Our process is build to create exceptional digital experiences, and to achieve that we believe in constantly rethinking and optimizing our latest effort.

Virallens. Who?

We are a full-service #noManagers digital agency based in Bangalore. Digital marketing is our forte, be it devising media planning strategies, running pay-per-click campaigns, search engine optimization to website design and app development. At our core, we are #thinkers and creators. But we are not an agency whose end deliverable is merely a flashy powerpoint presentation. Virallens is a progressive idea-driven, results-oriented agency and we salivate at all things digital.

Passion is everything

We are strategists, #growthHackers, technologists, dreamers and implementers who share an obsessive passion for creating disruptive ideas and translating them into innovative, intelligent and engaging #brandExperiences. We are all bound by one inherent quality - passion. The result is efficiency at every stage, speed-to-market and is always high quality.

Extension of your marketing team

Our core business model is based on the simple truth that digital marketing is best done by a multifaceted team with proven expertise in each of the functions - social media, media planning, ppc, seo, web analytics et al. Large businesses can hire this team and get things done in-house. However, we believe an efficient cost effective delivery model is bringing in an agency with a team of focused domain experts where there’s cross learning, flexibility to scale and robust processes. We are your #partners, in crime or in chasing #MarketingNirvana.


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